High Rise window cleaning : Malaysia

High Rise Window Cleaning

High rise window cleaning is also known as external facade cleaning, it is essentially employing professional workers to equip a harness around their body, or standing on a platform hanging outside the building to clean the exterior of the building.

High rise window cleaning is essential to your brand’s image.  After all, it’s hard to convince your clients that you are a multi-million dollar company when your HQ looks like a run-down near-bankrupt company. Not to mention, a well-maintained window on a property also increases the property’s value.

This is also why most companies and homeowners employ professional window cleaning companies and building maintenance companies to carry out their window cleaning duties as they save a considerable amount of time, effort, and also the hefty upfront cost to prepare the proper tools.

While it seems like a relatively simple and laidback task, high rise window cleaning is in reality a very risky job to perform as it requires you to scale buildings from 5 to 100s of meters tall. It’s advised to only perform this when you have the required skillsets.

High rise window cleaning : what it is

Understanding High-rise window cleaning

Cleaning high-rise windows is something like rock climbing. It demands mobility and following work safety measures. As some buildings tower at impressive heights, the use of secure professional harness and climbing equipment is obligatory.

You provide many office workers in high or mid-rise buildings with great views. Window washers are responsible for cleaning the dirty glass windows of homes, offices, stores, and high-rise buildings.

But window cleaning of high rise buildings is on the list of most dangerous jobs in the world. Working as a window washer definitely brings a certain amount of danger. And for this reason window cleaners should follow strictly the necessary safety measures during their work.

High rise window cleaning : requirements

This type of job is definitely not for everyone as it requires you to be industry-trained and have zero fear of heights. Cleaning high-rise windows requires immense bravery. The job of a window cleaner is a challenging one and it requires from the worker to be physically capable and have some preparation in advance.

We should make sure that we are equipped with the needed cleaning tools to complete the cleaning task in a correct and safe way. High-rise widow cleaning is a risky job and it should be done with the right equipment tools.

As is the case with every job being a window cleaner has its advantages and disadvantages. The level of danger this job brings really depends on our work experience, a level of protection and safety gear condition and also the window cleaner’s individual manner of work.

Cons of window cleaning in high rise buildings

High rise window cleaning : risk of falling

Risk of falling

There is no doubt that the job of window cleaning brings many risks. Risk is an inevitable part of this job. Surprising as it seems, death tolls in this line of work is actually very low thanks to the fact that the workers are very serious about their personal safety and the advancement of the safety equipment. 

People without prior training may not know but there are standardized safety inspection of equipment such as harnesses, cables, scaffolding, and many more before a job can be carried out. Which is why without prior training and knowledge, can provide substantial risk to the workers.

According to data between 2010 and 2014, there was only one known death case in high rise window cleaning, which is a huge improvement compared to 1932, where 1 in 200 workers was killed annually on average. 


Working outdoors has its plus and minus sides. The whims of the weather are an enemy to the window washers. Weather is something we cannot control and it can affect the duration and completion of a window cleaning project. Plus, as most Malaysians know, the weather here is not exactly pleasing, with the high humidity and scorching sun, working as a high-rise window cleaner can be a very daunting and unpleasant job.

Additionally, a windy weather can be extremely scary when cleaning the windows of a high-rise building as the platforms would sway left and right, causing your footing to be less stable whereas rains make the platforms slippery. Strong winds can not only slow down a cleaning project but it’s also bad for the stability of the scaffolding and the suspended platforms which increases the risk of incidents.

high rise window cleaning : to business owners

For high-rise building owners

Contracting a professional window cleaning company is undoubtedly the best way to achieve good appearance for our building no matter if it’s commercial or residential property.

Cleaning services of high quality aren’t very cheap but they are definitely worth their money. If you are an owner of a high-rise building make sure to make a research before choosing a cleaning company.

Our window cleaning service provider should have experience in the sphere of high rise window cleaning. The use of specialized cleaning equipment, products and safety gear is a must as it is mandated by law. 

Did you know under Occupational Health and Safety Law that, should an employee employed under a company you have contracted or subcontracted, receives a fatal injury within your premise, that you are deemed guilty and can be fined by law? 

Reasons why contacting an expert window cleaner is good for our business

Curb appeal is probably one of the top reasons why it’s good to get the windows of our high-rise building properly cleaned. Not only clean interior but also shiny windows always make a great impression on the customers. No matter how well-cleaned the building is on the inside, when the exterior is unkempt and especially the windows, this is a useless in trying to make a building look goodRegular window cleaning is essential if we care about our business and want to be successful.

Since window cleaning companies are required to provide their clients with perfectly cleaned windows, their workers should be experienced enough to be able to tackle all types of dirty windows. Renting an office space with windows that aren’t very well-cleaned may affect negatively our business.

high rise window cleaning : why its important

A well-cleaned window offers a nice view. Imagine a high rise building with a large number of windows that should be cleaned. Well-cleaned windows add a curb appeal to a property we are trying to sell and also help us attract new clients by giving our business building an aesthetic look.

It doesn’t matter if we have a commercial or residential building, regular window cleaning is a key to making our property a beautiful and safe place for either working or living. It’s also a good way to catch the eye of new clients or make the property saleable.

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