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We provide a full one-stop disinfection service and hygiene level testing to ensure your premise is protected to the highest level.

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Disinfection Services : about us

About Us

MGC Maintenance Services is a leading disinfection and sanitization service provider for residentials, office, factories and healthcare facilities. We are also the main sanitization team in Sungai Buloh Hospital, Malaysia’s biggest CoVID treatment facility. We strive to provide all households and working environment a hospital-grade hygiene level with our disinfection services.

Our Services

Disinfection services : Fogging Machine

Advanced Disinfection Fogging

Advanced fogging and misting paired with high-efficiency disinfectants to sanitize your home, office or factory thoroughly. We provide preventative and emergency response services with professionally trained experts in full PPE.

Disinfection Services : Electrostatic spray

State-of-the-art Antimicrobial Coating

Using a highly advanced chemical solution researched and developed in Japan, we coat high-touch surfaces with that provides up to 1 year protection from viruses and other microbes. That's a GUARANTEE.

Top Brands Trust Us

We have treated Fortune 500 Companies, FnB Franchises, Hospitals, and even the local Police Department. We help protect the front liners that protects you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Disinfection Fogging is a one-time disinfection service that eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria in a single application whereas Antimicrobial Coating is a disinfection application that auto-sanitizes your surface free from bacteria and viruses for up to 365 days.

While both services are great, the main deciding factor comes down to your objective and also budget. Advanced Disinfection Fogging does not provide your surfaces with 365 days of continuous protection like Antimicrobial Coating. However, it is also significantly cheaper.

Households that prefer a peace of mind as well as having a higher budget are recommended to opt for Antimicrobial Coating.

Yes. We recommend all personnel to stay out of the premises to avoid contamination during the application process.

Yes we do. However, this subjects to the volume of emergency requests at the time of requests. We also need to factor in the movement restriction order set by the government. To ensure we can provide you with the earliest possible appointment, please get in touch with our customer service