The Ultimate Guide to Restoring A Flooded Property in 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Restoring A Flooded Property in 2022

Flooding is one of those things, similar to being robbed, you never think will happen to you, but water damage is more common than you think and it may potentially rob you of thousands just for repairs. Not to mention, the weather in Malaysia has been crazy lately, causing a massive flash flood in the Klang region back in December 2021.

When severe flooding occurs, it can cause irreparable damage to the structure of your building and other damages such as a burst pipe, appliance malfunction, short circuitry, and so on. Depending on the severity, your home or business may need anything from carpet cleaning to structural repairs.


The Ultimate Guide to Restoring A Flooded Property in 2022 : Tips

Types of water damage restoration

According to the International Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), a global organization tasked with the responsibility of shaping future policies carpet and upholstery cleaning, there are three categories of water damage. The IICRC-500 industry-standard categorizes these as :

Category One : Clean water damage, Example : Damage caused by a broken/running tap or broken plumbing supply line.

Category Two : Greywater damage, Example : The water may contain contaminants, pollutants, or chemicals that can cause discomfort or health issues to occupants, including issues such as appliance leaking, broken fish tank, or rainwater leaking through the roof.

Category Three: Blackwater damage is anything likely to contain pathogens, such as a sewage back-up and overflow, or water from watercourses (in the case of flooded rivers or lakes).

Regardless of the category of your flooding damage, it’s always wise to act as soon as possible to avoid further damage, illness, and even potentially mould growth. The best thing to do is to hire professional flood cleanup immediately.

What to do when your property is flooded

  1. Take immediate action
    Leaving a flood for too long will likely cause damage. It’s best to call for a professional flood cleanup company immediately.
  2. Put safety first
    Immediately turn off the main electricity switch at the distribution box to avoid any potential electricity leak. You may need to call an electrician to isolate any affected power points and light switches.
  3. Prepare for insurance
    Your flood cleanup may be covered by insurance. Check with your agent whether or not your house insurance is covering flood damages as well.
  4. Move items and ventilate
    While you wait for the flood response team, move all the wet items into a dry area to prevent further damage.

Food cleaning Services

Beyond the ‘soggy carpet’ that comes to mind most when thinking of flooding, moisture can end up trapped between wall coverings and inside plaster walls, creating a moist and damp environment that promotes mould growth.

Water damage cleanup requires specialist equipment to get into hard to reach places and restore your property.

MGC Maintenance Services provides the following services:


We use specialist drying equipment to remove the moisture from within the your walls to prevent mould growth.

Carpet Water Damage

We dry the carpet weave and underlay, as well as pull up all the carpet to pressure clean the floor below.

Mould removal/remediation

MGC Maintenance Services implements chemical mould treatments, including air scrubbers so mould won’t spread further.

Sewage cleanup and biohazard

We also sanitise your building to remove potentially harmful bacteria, allergens and prevent mould growth.

Emergency flood restoration

MGC Maintenance Services water damage cleanup team has the equipment and experience to get your residential or commercial property back to it’s pre-flood shape and condition.  

Got a flooding issue? Call MGC Maintenance Services on +60143287322.

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