5 Best Companies for CoVID-19 Disinfection Services in 2021

CoVID-19 Disinfection Services

We browsed, compared, and compiled this list of 5 best companies for CoVID-19 disinfection services within Malaysia. The spread of CoVID-19 has been expanding rapidly and if you’re reading this it is likely that the coronavirus has gotten inside your premise and we sincerely hope that your employees or families remain safe. 

If you’re searching for the best companies to conduct a thorough disinfection service within your premise, this list will help you.

1. MGC Maintenance Services Sdn. Bhd.

Before you think we are tooting our own horns, let us clarify. We sincerely believe MGC Maintenance Services provides the best value for service when it comes to CoVID-19 disinfection services. 

MGC Maintenance Services Sdn Bhd uses an antimicrobial disinfectant that clings onto any surfaces tightly, laying down a coating of self-sanitizing layer that eliminates 99.99% of microbes such as bacteria and virus immediately upon contact for as long as 365 days.

Essentially, one single application of our antimicrobial disinfectant will protect your surfaces from microbes continuously for the entire year. Which is a much more cost-effective solution than disinfecting regularly 3-5x a day.

Other than that, our antimicrobial disinfectant also eliminates any mold and fungi, which is an additional benefit to help keeping your surfaces clean. 

We also use an electrostatic nozzle to apply our antimicrobial disinfectant, this allows our solution to dry almost instantaneously, leaving no traces of watermarks, or any odor at all.

This solution is specifically designed for the use of CoVID-19 disinfection and also proven scientifically by Tokyo’s Medical and Dental University. As such, we are confident to provide all our customers a 1-Year Warranty.

To read more about the details of our antimicrobial disinfection, click here

2. Stoika

Stoika is a hygiene-focused company and are the sole distributor of the SDPro within Malaysia. Their SDPro solution provides a similar effect to MGC Maintenance Services Sdn Bhd’s antimicrobial disinfectant where they could also eliminate up to 99.99% of microbes and provide up to 365 days of continuous protection.

The SDPro solution is formed through the unique combination of active ingredients that are manufactured according to elements found in dragonflies and Cicadas. These ingredients are scientifically proven to be highly effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould individually and as a combination.

However, their solution does come with a mild odour after application and is required to airdry for at least 2-3 hours before you could reenter the premise.

Despite their confidence in providing 365 days of continuous protection similar to MGC, they do not come with a 1-year Warranty on their services.

3. Disinfection2u

Disinfection2u also provides an antimicrobial disinfectant solution that provides up to 365 days of continuous protection. While they call it Advanced Antimicrobial Coating (AAC), we found out that it’s actually just a standardized Antimicrobial Coating. Regardless, they are still capable of eliminating 99.99% of microbes.

Their antimicrobial disinfectant works very similar to SDPro where the coating forms a bed of needle and ruptures the virus cells. However, the actual compound being used is unknown.

Their AAC also requires a long period of time after application before reentry is allowed. 

Disinfection2u’s disinfection service is priced at a much higher range as compared to MGC and Stoika despite similar virus elimination efficiency and protection period starting at RM20 per sqft.

4. Rentokil

Rentokil is a pest-control company and is arguably the oldest company in this list. With over 90 years of experience within this industry, Rentokil is very well-versed with various types of disinfection, offering up to 3 different disinfection services depending on what you require.

However, unlike the previous companies mentioned in this list, they do not provide antimicrobial coating where the solution provides up to 365 days of continuous self-sanitizing protection. Rather, they follow the traditional disinfection method where the solution provides a one-off disinfection effect. 

Their main solution used is an alcohol-concentrated solution that is capable of eliminating 99.99% of viruses as well. As they are a company with rich background and experience, there are a lot of precautionary steps taken prior to the disinfection application. 

Their consultants are highly knowledgeable and is capable of recommending you disinfection services based on your needs. You can view their services here.

5. Enviro Group

Enviroclean is one of Enviro’s branch business, their solution is capable of eliminating 99.99% of virus and bacteria while providing up to 90 days of continuous protection. Similar to MGC, they use an electrostatic nozzle for uniform coating across surfaces. 

Their solution is also non-toxic and non-corrosive, making it suitable to be sprayed within households. They also claim to have lab-tested their solution for efficiency and that it is also a patented technology from the US. 

Who should you go for?

There’s no one-size-fit-all situation, we believe every company here are reliable and have a strong track record when it comes to CoVID-19 disinfection services. 

Depending on your requirements, you may opt for companies that provide 365 days of continuous protection or if you have a tighter budget, you may opt for companies that does a thorough disinfection but does not come with a 365 days protection period.

To summarize the list of 5 best companies for CoVID-19 disinfection services, we have compiled a table to summarize the perks provided by each company below.

Covid-19 Disinfection Services

We hope this list has been helpful to you. The coronavirus is highly contagious and should not be taken lightly. If you suspect that you’ve came across a CoVID-19 positive personnel, please take the initiative to quarantine yourself for at least 14 days or contacting the KKM. 

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